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10 Common mistakes when your car is up for repossession in Massachusetts

There’s nothing more stressful than having a repossession writ served on you. From the recent studies, it has been identified that many people do mistakes when the situation reaches a point where the financial institution seeks the assistance of court in order to repossess your property. Here are 10 such common mistakes.

1.       Challenging the repossession writ in court: There are some people who fight against the repossession writ at the court. You should not try that under any circumstance unless you are 100% sure of winning. Even though many people fight against their repossession writs, only few of them have a good chance of winning. You should also keep in mind that the financial company that you are fighting against has more money and they are ready to spend money on your case.

mass repo company
massachusetts repossession

2.       Allowing the financial company to take control of your property: If you allow the financial company to take control of your property, your chances of not getting anything is high. They will sell it and sue you for all the damages. Always keep in mind that the financial companies don’t care about what they sell as long as they get a good value for it. Even if they sell it, they will think of charging selling fees, sheriff’s fees, solicitor fees and other related expenses from you.
3.       Threat of not seeking the assistance of a third party: If you don’t have a good understanding about the rights and law, you need to seek the assistance of a third party, who is aware of the facts. If you try to negotiate the things with a creditor without such assistance, you will not be able to gain advantage out of the arguments. The creditors will never explain your rights as it will not benefit them. Therefore, you should know them and take necessary actions accordingly.
4.       Negotiating the things with the creditor: If you have someone to help you with law, you will be able to negotiate the things with the creditor. It is recommended to get the help of someone who is aware about the laws that are related to mortgages and overdue debts. Then you can get a better perceived power, which can benefit you at the end of the day.
5.       Waiting too long for assistance: As I mentioned earlier, many people who face this situation are drowned in stress. Then they wait for a long period of time without asking for assistance. Once you face such a situation, you need to get in touch with the right people as soon as possible. Waiting too long for help can put you in trouble. The earlier you get assistance, the better the outcome that you will get.
repo company in mass

6.       Trying to do everything yourself: Many people do not have the necessary knowledge or skills that can help them to deal with a repossession case. If you are like that, you should not try to do it all yourself. If you try to deal with the situation, you may be asking for trouble. That’s why it is always recommended to go for the assistance of a company that specialize in providing solutions for the people in need. A lot of companies offer solutions for the people who are facing financial difficulties. Selecting a reputed one out them can be considered as a great investment done towards your future.
7.       Being too embarrassed to get help: You don’t need to be embarrassed if you need any financial help from someone. Many people are too proud to ask for help and they wait until the situation gets worse. When the sheriff comes to your place in order to repossess your property, you will have to face a lot more embarrassing situation. That’s why you need to get passed your pride and look for help.
8.       Not trying to discuss things with the creditor: When the creditor offers you a warning before the repossession, you should not ignore it. It’s because they think that it’s better to sneak away from discussing things with the creditor. But if you try to discuss about the situation with your creditor, you can get more relief. You just need to give them a phone call and inquire about the situation. Then you can find a convenient solution that can provide them the money they are owed before repossessing your property.
9.       Becoming argumentative or hostile: People in the financial company who are dealing with your repossession case are obviously human beings and they also have emotional feelings. If you are too aggressive, they will not tend to help you. Instead, they will tend to give you a hard time and make the situation worse. That’s why you need to keep calm throughout your repossession case and wait until things get better.

repo agent in mass
repossession agent in massachusetts

10.   Putting your head in sand: Many people who receive a repossession writ tend to put their head on sand, thinking that everything will go on their way. But in reality, it will not. You need to take proactive steps in order to solve the situation. However, you should not take your time when dealing with a repossession case. You need to act as soon as possible. If you are quick, you will be able to find the most convenient solution within a short period of time.

These are some of the common mistakes that people do when they receive a repossession writ from a financial company. If you are from Massachusetts, you can get the help of the reputed repossession companies inMassachusetts. Mass Recovery holds a prominent place out of them. They have the ability to deal with a wide variety of repossession cases. It has assisted them to maintain an excellent reputation over the past few years among auto repossession services in MA. 

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How To Become A Repossession Agent In Massachusetts

Becoming a repossession agent can be a rewarding and stimulating career path. There are a number of repossession companies in Massachusetts looking to hire new agents all the time who can help them reach their company goals.

The first step in becoming a repo agent is to complete a training course, where you will learn the ins and outs of an exciting business. Training for this position differs by state, so it’s important to check with Massachusetts state licensing departments to ensure you go through the correct training to be certified to work in the state. In most cases, the training will include a collections agent training course, where you will learn the repossession laws of Massachusetts, and about the telephone and computer techniques you will need to use in your role as a repo agent. In some cases, it may be acceptable to become certified to work by taking the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS), a national certification program where you learn federal laws, the recovery process, contract law, defensive driving, ethics and insurance, all of which can then be put towards your career in Massachusetts.

repo agent in mass
Repo Agent in Massachuestts

Given how challenging the repossession business can be, agents are encouraged to buy a surety bond, even if it isn’t required under state law. A surety bond is insurance for a repossession agent, and the state you’re working in will usually set the minimum amount required by a certified agent. This gives peace of mine to you and the people who hire you that you will be able to deliver on what they need, even if a situation goes south.

A repossession company in Massachusetts generally looks to hire a candidate with professional experience already, so it’s important to make time to work with repo agents who have already established themselves in the business and who can provide you with important practical knowledge you won’t get just from a certification process. This experience could be acquired through an internship or an entry-level post where your main goal will be to shadow someone hire up and watch how they handle their business within the industry.

repo truck in mass
repossession in Massachusetts

Car repossession companies in Massachusetts are a desirable landing spot for many aspiring repo agents. It’s important to understand the exact laws associated with these companies and what you will and will not be allowed to do in your role with them. For example, there is a right to cure law in effect for all Massachusetts drivers. Vehicles can’t be repossessed from property owned or rented by the debtor, so the repo agent must administer a Right to Cure letter, which is the lienholder giving the debtor 21 days to fix the situation before their car is repossessed legally by the agent. After the repossession, the debtor must be notified by certified mail (return receipt included) which dictates the lienholder’s redemption requirements, including whether or not the lienholder intends to sell collateral at a public auction or private sale. The debtor has twenty days to complete the steps required before the lienholder can proceed. Storage of vehicles where they won’t be damaged and open the agent and company up to liability from the debtor is crucial, and finding a vehicle repossession company willing to provide that level of security is of the utmost important to a successful repossession agent.

There are also times when a repo agent will have to deal with a repossession towing company. These companies deal mainly with repossessing vehicles and working with repo agents directly to ensure the vehicles they need repossessed are taken care of in a timely fashion. Vehicle repossession companies are the ally of a repo agent because they can help with the logistics of storing vehicles for the amount of time required by law that cars must remain in the name of the debtor before they can be sold at public auction, Car repossession companies are tasked with being a full service agency, committed to making the process of repossessing property as smooth and easy as possible. This won’t always be the case, but with the right training and the right repo agents working alongside them, car repossession companies can effectively do their job and make the right decisions based on the letter of the law.
repossession agent in mass
repossession in mass

Another option for repo agents in Massachusetts is to work with aircraft repossession companies. In most instances of needing to repossess an aircraft is when someone has gone in over their head in purchasing a luxury small plane for their personal or business use, and then they are unable to make the payments or keep up with the terms of the lienholder. This is a unique situation for a repo agent to be in because in some cases the debtor, in trying to avoid the lienholder and repossession, will fly the plane to another country, and that creates an entirely new set of difficulties for the repo agent. But in a normal situation, there are aircraft repossession companies who work exclusively with aircraft companies and other lienholders to ensure the contracts are carried our properly.

Overall, what it takes to be a repossession agent in Massachusetts is a desire to learn and excel in a difficult industry. Getting the right training and certification, and following it up with practical, professional, hands-on experience, is how the repo agent will be most successful, not only in their own goals but in attaining the goals of the repossession companies they are working with. 

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Why does cars get repossessed in Massachusetts?

A buyer purchased a car that they will no longer afford, or refuses to make payments on. Lending institutions loan cash as a legal agreement that is binding, and when the arrangement is broken and dialogues fail, cars will soon be recovered in the initial owner. This is a quick overview of the how and why cars are taken back by banks, and other lending institutions.

Some Measures in Automobile Repossession Process
1. I buy a brand-new car from my local auto dealership, and pay no cash down, and signed a defined 5 year finance contract with the auto dealer. I lose my job 8 months later due to the economical slowdown and layoffs.
2. I default on my monthly payments, and the loan firm proceeds to require payments that I cannot, and do not pay.
3. After having several notices of failure to pay, the loan company will now tell me that it has begun legal proceedings to take possession of my car.
4. I negotiate and can now try with my loan business; the lien business will begin legal actions, if discussions are unsuccessful.
5. As of this point the bank or lending institution must demonstrate that legal have the conditions of any lending arrangement, and also a lien on the care before they could take any additional measures. They're going to ask the courts to grand a levy against the car, and give me the auto owner a set time frame to obey the court order, when they could demonstrate this.
6. I can now voluntarily turn the car around, or watch for the repo man to rap my door, or repossess the vehicle off the road where they locate it.
7. The automobile repossession is finished when the group broker takes possession of the automobile after it is on a tow truck, and off my property.

At this time the bank has become the legal holder of the vehicle that is repossessed, and legal will start actions to sell the car. By law which changes from state to state, they will allow a set number of days to when and where the auto is going to be put up available to me. This enables me the chance to buy the car back, and pay any fees off.

Stresses about concerns and transportation may make a negative situation even worse. In some cases, nevertheless, consumers may even have the capacity to collect damages against the lender and repossession company, and have legal recourse against wrongful repossessions. Here are some guidelines to help you determine whether you've been a victim of wrongful repossession.

Although a lender can usually repossess a vehicle when the borrower gets behind on payments, there are specific rules in order to officially take possession of the car from you that the lending institution must follow. Failure in the portion of your lender to follow these rules can result in the lending business being held liable for any damages you've incurred due to the wrongful repossession, such as the financial value of the repossessed vehicle and some other costs that resulted in the business's action.

The repossession has to be performed lawfully
Probably the most important rule is that the peace can't be breached by the repo agent during the repossession. This indicates that as a way to take possession they can not break into your home or enter your locked garage. Through the length of the repossession, the organization 's representative mustn't make any threats of use force or physical violence against you to regain possession of the car. In case the repo firm, or any one of its representatives, break the law, they can be sued by you and collect damages.
The loan have to be in default during the time of repossession
By understanding your legal rights when a lender threatens to repossess your vehicle, you are able to guard yourself against wrongful repossession and even recoup damages if your rights are offended by lenders or repo businesses.

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The Secrets Of Better Car Repossession In Massachusetts

The Secrets Of Better Car Repossession In Massachusetts

The fact is payment default always possess a great problem to banks, car lenders, and other financial institutions across the globe. Here in the US, the same is happening. Clients breach their car loan payments for some pressing priorities, and the cycle continues. Car lenders know this risk, but business has to continue and such risk is calculated well. Now, what happens when the car owners fail to pay their car loans or unable to secure a car insurance? Car repossession takes place, and this is a hurdle for most car lenders.

State-of-the-art analytics
However, one investigation company, like the Repo companies in MA, find a car repossession job not much of a challenge. Most repo companies do skip-tracing; this is the basic when financial institution wants to collect from their clients the past-due amount. While most repo companies do this- skip tracing- not all of them utilizes the state-of-the-art analytics. The secret for better car repossession is in the latest technology because car owners are now also equipped with an app that can make their location untraceable. Hence, investigation company needs powerful software that can trace their clients’ whereabouts.
Software acquisition, personnel training, and professional commitment
According to one Mass repo agent, investigation companies need the most sophisticated software to track down the car owners who are on payment default. The car repossession business entails big investment in terms of software acquisition, personnel training, and professional commitment. Every repossessed car that is handled by a repo company includes a certain amount and it offers a sizable financial amnesty to the car lenders. 

Repossession in Massachusetts of an RV

High success rate
It is, therefore, safe to say that experienced repo companies are most wanted when car repossession necessary. For one, established, repo companies offer higher success rate, like above 85%. High success rate equates to profit when everything is done. Repossessed cars are re-sold through bidding system or straight as used cars for the lender to gain from it. Furthermore, when the repo company offers high retrieval rate, the entire collection no longer categorized as high-risk, and the collection buffer for the lending company remains the same or even reduced.
Picking a car repo company to handle car repossession, here in MA, can be difficult if the car lenders and other financial institution are not aware of the company’s strength. By securing a portfolio or proof from the car repo company as well as feedback from previous clients, this can provide lending companies a clear picture of what the company can do. 

Massachusetts Repo Agent Trailer

Massachusetts Repossession Challenges For 2015

As the economic turmoil continues its trend, more people are being affected by it. Car payments are defaulted, and many other financial obligations are put on hold to prioritize pressing issues. When car payment is defaulted, this creates a negative impact on the credit history, and eventually the car will be repossessed. For most car lenders, car repossession is tedious and can be costly, which is a third-party repossession company presents a practical solution.

Repossession Company in Massachusetts

Ineffective skip tracing
The main hurdle for car lenders is in the skip tracing. Car owners can easily skip town with their cars, which makes the company at the losing end.  At the repossession companies in Massachusetts, they utilize stat-of-the art tool to do in-depth tracing. The direct result of this is high success rate, which means the recovery percentage is also high for the car lenders. 
Repossessed cars are put to auction by the car lenders to cover the loss and earn from it. The quicker the unpaid car is recovered from its owner, the faster they can put it on sale. The entire business continues with good profitability at the end of the month.

Lack of resources
Moreover, car lenders don’t have the resources to handle the investigation. Most car lenders or financial institutions don’t invest in the post-sale services or car recovery/repossession. What these companies are up to are more on sales and marketing. They have external agencies to handle the collection for car loans, credit card and other mortgages for effective account collection. Now, when repossession comes in a dependable investigation and repo companies in Massachusetts is ready to handle the job.

The advantage when car repossession is entrusted to an experienced company is business sustainability on a larger scale. The recovered car, in volume, means continuous income flow to the car lenders. Repossessed cars still offer a win-win opportunity for the car lender, despite the current condition of the car. The resale value may not be as high compared to the original amortization, but the entirety of the transaction is still in favor of the company. 
Handling car repossession is never easy. It is costly and frustrating in a similar degree. Fortunately, there are third-party companies that specialize in this kind of business that are cost-efficient. To have a business partner that has invested in high technology, highly-skilled analyst and the commitment puts car lenders on the front seat.

Repo Agent in Mass

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What is the Best Repossession Company in Massachusetts?

What is the Best Repossession Company in Massachusetts?

When it comes to repossessioncompanies in Massachusetts there are a lot of choices, but Massachusetts Recovery Bureau is head and shoulders above the competition. You need a company that understands Massachusetts repossession laws, has a proven track record of success, and will work quickly and efficiently to protect your creditor’s rights.

Know the Laws

Massachusettsrepossession laws are complicated and different from anywhere else in the United States. Many companies that have been successful in other places fall flat when trying a Massachusetts repossession. Breaking the law during repossession can result in a penalty of up to 10% of the value of the principle of the car loan. Many of the tactics regularly used by other repossession companies in Massachusetts are sloppy and end up hurting the creditor. The experts at the Massachusetts Recovery Bureau understand how to aggressively protect the creditor’s rights, while still staying within the law.

Proven Track Record

When looking at a repo company in Mass., you want someone who will get the job done. The Massachusetts Recovery Bureau has been successfully reposed thousands of cars in over four years of business. With a success rate above 86%, it is the industry leader in Massachusetts repossession. The company not only uses state-of-the-art technology, but also has the best-trained analysts in the business. No other repo. company in Mass. has had anywhere near this company’s success rate and can claim to not only do great work for their clients, but also remain respectful towards debtors.

Work Quickly and Efficiently

The field crews are made up of former Special Forces veterans. This makes Massachusetts Repossession Bureau unique among repossession companies in Massachusetts. The people excel at Massachusetts repossession because they work quickly and efficiently with industry leading technology to get the job done. Often information comes in that has to be executed on right away, or it could result in a big loss to the clients. The disciplined team has no problem putting a plan together quickly, and taking action immediately.

When trying to choose a repo company in Mass., it is vital to look at what they offer. Massachusetts Recovery Bureau understands Massachusetts repossession laws, has a proven track record of success that is second to none, and works quickly and efficiently to achieve their client’s goals. This firm also has industry leading insurance for both itself and its clients. Massachusetts Recovery Bureau is the best repossession company in the state.

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10 things to remember while repossessing a vehicle in Massachusetts

1. Gas – make sure you have enough to begin with. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the night in a sketchy neighborhood

2. Equipment - your truck should contain all the equipment you need for a quick repo job. Speed is the word and spending time looking for a second wheel strap can cost   a lot of trouble some time

3. Drags light – DOT are looking for a middle of the night action, don’t give them a reason to pull you over

4. Avoid unnecessary lights on your truck while scouting a neighborhood. Repo trucks are noticeable as it is, no need to help a suspicious debtor

5. Doing Repo is a tough job. But sometimes being kind and polite would do better  
with stubborn debtors

6. Smoke, candies, beef jerky. Whatever keeps you alert and focus and not taking  
your mind of the road – is legit

7. Good judgment - If a repo job starts to get out of hand, pull back. You can always  
come back with back-up  

8. Be curios – don’t hesitate stepping out of the car and sniff around. Most crucial
details are invisible from a truck

9. Business card – always have them in your pocket. While your Appearance may not 
look so legit to the suspicious neighbor, a business card put you back on track

10. Love The Job – If it ain't love in your hart, don’t waste you time….