Saturday, November 8, 2014

10 things to remember while repossessing a vehicle in Massachusetts

1. Gas – make sure you have enough to begin with. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the night in a sketchy neighborhood

2. Equipment - your truck should contain all the equipment you need for a quick repo job. Speed is the word and spending time looking for a second wheel strap can cost   a lot of trouble some time

3. Drags light – DOT are looking for a middle of the night action, don’t give them a reason to pull you over

4. Avoid unnecessary lights on your truck while scouting a neighborhood. Repo trucks are noticeable as it is, no need to help a suspicious debtor

5. Doing Repo is a tough job. But sometimes being kind and polite would do better  
with stubborn debtors

6. Smoke, candies, beef jerky. Whatever keeps you alert and focus and not taking  
your mind of the road – is legit

7. Good judgment - If a repo job starts to get out of hand, pull back. You can always  
come back with back-up  

8. Be curios – don’t hesitate stepping out of the car and sniff around. Most crucial
details are invisible from a truck

9. Business card – always have them in your pocket. While your Appearance may not 
look so legit to the suspicious neighbor, a business card put you back on track

10. Love The Job – If it ain't love in your hart, don’t waste you time…. 

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